About Us


TEK Utah provides a high level of expert professional service generally reserved for large corporations, such as security and data protection, as well as a personalized end-user experience. We provide this at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee while giving our clients access to a corporate grade-level IT support team.


My name is Eric Thorup, CEO, and owner of TEK Utah.  I have been a computer support professional since the late nineties.  My fascination in this field now turned into passion started at the age of thirteen.  As I nurtured my skills, I grew an immense understanding of the broad spectrum of the world of technology.  My career has spanned from phone support for Packard Bell NEC in the nineties to eight years as a network engineer for Pioneer Valley Hospital and currently running my own business for the last 17 years.

Though I have some formal education, as far as technology, most of what I know has been self-taught.  My technical aptitude crosses a broad spectrum of the computer industry, and yet, I feel my most valuable skill is being able to communicate and work with a wide variety of people, environments, and industries to guide them through the vast world of technology.  Each individual or company has what I like to call a unique technology fingerprint.  Understanding this fingerprint and being able to communicate effectively has allowed me to grow my business.

Founding TEK Utah in 2005 was a natural succession and has allowed me to serve many individuals and organizations.  TEK Utah is located in Salt lake county and supports small to mid-sized companies up and down the Wasatch front.  My team and I take pride in honoring our values throughout our customer experience while focusing on building partnerships with our clients.  As an industry leader, I continue to advance my business through top-level freelancers and mentoring so that we can reach our goals together.  In addition, TEK Utah's is focused on making a difference in our community through our passion for technology; we aim to serve organizations that may not otherwise have access to high-level tech support and opportunities for mentoring.

I know Utah will remain my home, along with my wife, three active kids, and one on the way.  I enjoy hobbies like metal detecting, art, hiking, science, and astronomy in my free time.





We take pride in being reliable, and our clients know they can count on our commitment to do what we say we are going to do.


We demonstrate responsiveness providing quick, professional, and solution-focused results in each client interaction.


Our commitment to being personally accountable means we take responsibility and aim to make things better.


As the leader in technology, our decisiveness inspires confidence and trust from our clients as we help them navigate and make optimal decisions.


Our integrity shines bright like a torch, revealing our character and desire to rise to higher levels in all that we do.