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Advancing Your Company Through Remote Access

It is no secret that there are many advantages to allowing your employees to telecommute. The benefits of offering remote access to your employees extends far beyond reducing the amount of money your business spends on energy at the office. Stepping into the world of remote access removes a number of limitations and allows your company to advance.

Increasing Business Productivity

In most scenarios, remote access eliminates delays due to traffic jams, passing around seasonal illnesses, and allows employees to work in whatever outfits they find the most comfortable. A business doesn’t need to completely switch over to allowing their employees to work from home to increase business productivity. Remote access allows employees to see files and folders as if they’re sitting in front of their office computer, but they could be in the midst of sealing a business deal miles away. Business productivity can also be increased by remote access technology due to the fact that employees are able to seamlessly collaborate with each other. 

Setting Telework Boundaries

Like most good things in the world of technology, there are certain disadvantages to allowing employees to telework. To see the increase in productivity that your business needs to advance, business owners have to establish telework boundaries for all employees. Studies have continuously shown that telework increases life satisfaction, and life satisfaction improves labor productivity, but not for all employees. Employees can not be expected to be available every moment of every day because they have unlimited access to their work. To reap the benefits of labor productivity and company advancements, employers need to uphold boundaries that allow their employees to separate work and personal life. 

Remote Access Technology

Not all businesses can take advantage of teleworking, but all businesses can benefit from remote access technology. TEK Utah provides functional, secure remote access technology and matching top-notch customer service. The remote access software provided includes dual monitor support, printing to a printer at their remote location, and transferring files back and forth between systems. Never fret over a lost or damaged paper copy of a file when you can seamlessly log into your work computer and retrieve everything you need.