IT Security
Part 1 in our Tech support scams awareness discussions

Tech support scams are unfortunately becoming more and more a thing and people are falling victim to them all the time.  At TEK we are working hard to protect our clients from these scams as well as trying to bring an awareness to the community through some TV spots that we recently did.  Take some time to listen and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to call or reach out to us.  We love talking about this and helping those who may have been affected by it.

Internet and Tech support Scammers TV Spot

As part of an ongoing effort to help our clients and to try and provide awareness regarding scammers, we did a couple of TV spots where we talk about the dangers of tech support scammers and what you can do to try and avoid falling victim to these.  As always, we are available and welcome any inquiries and questions regarding any subject related to computers and technology.


Utah IT Company
How to Choose the Right Utah IT Company

Numerous things can happen in a day—cybersecurity attacks, network outages, hardware failure, and failed data backups. IT incidents are very expensive. You have to consider downtime and what that costs your business. For some businesses, even a couple hours of downtime can cost them thousands in sales! This is exactly why you can’t rely on your brother’s nephew anymore. Your business is growing, and you need the right Utah IT company to keep your business moving forward. Your choice for a Utah IT company should have the capabilities to monitor your network security 24/7, assist with data backups, and help with project management. 


IT Security
Keeping Your Digital Information Secure

With new data updates, many devices are offering cloud storage for passwords. Having your device store your passwords is incredibly convenient, but it begs the question- how secure is it? Is there something more you can do to keep your digital information secure? As a top Utah IT Company, TEK is bringing you the best information possible to keep your data secure.  More…

Business Productivity
Work from Home Must-Haves

You might not have to worry about the morning traffic but working from home has its own set of stressors. In order to pump out the same amount of work that you do when you’re in the office, there are a few work from home must-haves. TEK Utah, your go to Utah IT Company, is making those record-setting weekly achievements possible even in your work-from-home-order. 


IT Security Questions Every Business Professional Should Be Asking

In today’s modern world, everyone is talking about security. With the infinite amount of cyber attacks in a day, it is important to take a proactive approach to maintaining your company’s security. Your business should avoid spending down-time picking up the pieces after a security breach, especially if the breach could have been prevented in the first place! Read through the questions below to see where you can take a more proactive approach to minimizing risk. TEK Utah, a top Utah IT Company, is here is make sure you are equipped for success.