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Advancing Your Company Through Remote Access

It is no secret that there are many advantages to allowing your employees to telecommute. The benefits of offering remote access to your employees extend far beyond reducing the amount of money your business spends on energy at the office. Stepping into the world of remote access removes a number of limitations and allows your company to advance.



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Cloud Services for your Business

One of the many important business services offered here at TEK Utah is cloud services. Cloud services can be thought of as digital workspaces that help the flow of your business. There are three main types of cloud services that are available as public and private services, but you can skip the need to purchase expensive in-house frameworks or additional IT services by hiring TEK Utah to manage the cloud services for your business.



3 Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing The Careers Of Those With Disabilities

Over the last decade, work and career-related technologies have progressed significantly for those who live with disabilities. In fact, in the last several years, these advancements have become more widely available, easier to afford, and have improved in quality. To further enhance inclusion and accessibility, companies can now incorporate some of these technologies into their everyday processes to make the employee experience an even better one.

We are happy to present three specific types of technology that are revolutionizing the careers of those with disabilities.


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Keeping Your Office in Contact- Anywhere and Anytime

With the continued teleworking efforts being made by many companies, now is a great time to figure out which method of communication would work best for your employees. What kind of budget do you have? How many people need to access the software? TEK Utah, a top Utah IT Company,  is here to help you keep your office in contact, no matter where they’re working from! More…