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3 Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing The Careers Of Those With Disabilities

Over the last decade, work and career-related technologies have progressed significantly for those who live with disabilities. In fact, in the last several years, these advancements have become more widely available, easier to afford, and have improved in quality. To further enhance inclusion and accessibility, companies can now incorporate some of these technologies into their everyday processes to make the employee experience an even better one.

We are happy to present three specific types of technology that are revolutionizing the careers of those with disabilities.


Internet and Tech support Scammers TV Spot

As part of an ongoing effort to help our clients and to try and provide awareness regarding scammers, we did a couple of TV spots where we talk about the dangers of tech support scammers and what you can do to try and avoid falling victim to these.  As always, we are available and welcome any inquiries and questions regarding any subject related to computers and technology.