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Are you truly doing everything you can to keep your accounts safe during the digital age? Dark web monitoring and password security have never been more important than now. If you like to keep your private information secure and your money in your bank, then it’s time to increase your cyber security measures.

Dark Web Monitoring and Password Security


Password Security Tips

One of the worst things that you can do is to use easily discoverable personal information as your password. Think about all the posts you’ve made or been tagged in on social media accounts. With the amount of information floating around online, passwords that include family member names and birthdays are common knowledge and easily hacked! The second biggest mistake people make is repeating their passwords. If someone got into your work computer right now, would they also be able to access your bank account? There is a cyber attack used by many criminals on the dark web called credential stuffing. This method includes obtaining your personal passwords and attempting them across a number of commonly used platforms to gain access to more of your accounts. Don’t make yourself an easy target by using the same password multiple times.


Creating Hard-To-Crack Passwords

If you’re someone using a variation of ‘Password123’ right now, then you’re among a large population.. And you’re making yourself more likely to be a victim of cyber hacking. You want your password to be composed of a long string of characters. The more characters, the harder the password will be to break. Try to make use of 16 or more characters with a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters or symbols. Don’t forget to reset any passwords that come already loaded on devices.


Resetting Compromised Passwords

If you do buy a product with a default password, make sure to change it the minute you take the product out of the box. There’s no easier password to hack than one a criminal can find online or in a manual. Default passwords are much like compromised passwords as they’ve been seen by others and can lead to a larger security breach. How do you know if you’ve experienced a security breach of some kind? Your bank accounts being wiped is a sure sign that your privacy has been compromised, but what about your email or social media accounts?


Dark Web Monitoring

Add an extra layer of security to your cyber interests with dark web monitoring. TEK Utah is happy to offer dark web monitoring services where we regularly search for, and track, your organization’s information on the dark web. This service is available for individuals and businesses to benefit from! Lessen your chances of being a victim of identity theft and fraud by keeping another set of eyes on the safety of your usernames and passwords. 


Security awareness and knowing what options you have to keep your assets safe is the first step in avoiding cyber criminals. Now that you know how easily your information can be passed around in the wrong hands, be sure to update your passwords. Check back often for more critical IT information.