Corporate ITIT Security

With an ever-growing IT world, businesses depend on their networking abilities to grow their companies. One wrong click could leave your entire company open to a cyber-attack. How would your business be affected by a few days offline while you wait for an IT company to reestablish your critical online infrastructure? Cybersecurity and employee security awareness should be at the forefront of your mind as a business owner.

Employee Security Awareness


Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses

Any business that uses technology can be a victim of a cyber attack. Unfortunately, small businesses are even more at risk. Hackers find your business more attractive to attack because they know your defenses are not built like the bigger, fortune 500 companies. If you want to decrease the likelihood of your business being the victim of a cyber-attack, you need to implement employee security training. Email training and password management are two of the most effective ways to protect your employees, followed by physical security training.


Email Security

Email phishing is a popular form of cyber attack. With the increase in work-from-home employees, training your company on email security is especially important. Employees can be targeted over emails through link phishing or infected attachments. Downloads and link clicking should be avoided completely when an email seems questionable. 


Password Management

With an ever-growing digital world, it can be hard to manage so many passwords. It is a huge mistake to reuse passwords across multiple platforms. Passwords should also be unrelated to popular life events such as children’s names or birthdays, family pet names, or anniversaries. Passwords that contain information of those sorts can be easily engineered by hackers after taking a look at your unprotected social media posts. Encourage your employees to use a mix of numbers and letters within their passwords, and to update them often.


Physical Security Training

Physical security is just as important for telework employees as it is within an office workspace. Encrypted documents should be disposed of properly and instantaneously. All work computers should be password protected and locked whenever an employee leaves their workspace. 


Be sure to take a look at our list of IT security questions that you should regularly be considering for your business. TEK Utah is happy to help with your business security needs. We keep your infrastructure up to date and protected from scammers, so you can keep operating like normal.