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Faced with the wave of telecommuting, some small businesses are left wondering how to make the ends meet. TEK Utah, the best Utah IT Company, is bringing you all the answers for this new world and all of its unknowns. Google is exactly what you need to increase your business’ productivity while your employees are working from home. Consider it the mecca of communication.

Google Services Can Increase Your Business Productivity


Covering Teamwork Must-Haves

Google’s next age platform offers a number of services that makes teamwork possible while working from home. Using Google Drive eliminates the time wasted sending documents back and forth for revisions and collaborations. Google Docs and Sheets are set up similarly to Microsoft Word and Excel, but they allow multiple users to access and work at the same time. Ease of use guarantees that your employees won’t need extensive training to learn the system. Multiple authors can effortlessly work simultaneously, saving your employees a lot of time.


Adhering to Scheduled Meetings

In-person meetings might be a thing of the past, but there is no need to worry. You can give the same outstanding pitch in an environment that you’re more comfortable in-your home! Whether you need to hold meetings with clients or your employees, Google has you covered. As a huge plus, Google Meet has not seen the same negative security disturbances that Zoom has. Whenever you send out a link for a meeting, Google will even offer to add the event to your calendar. Your employees won’t have to remember to write the date down when they get back to their desk because Google is taking care of everything for them. 


Keeping Communication Frequent

You can keep up with all of the progress your employees are making without blowing up their phones or getting on a group video chat. Google offers a chat service that will allow you to keep all of your conversations in one place. Employees respond when they are able to, and you never interrupt their work flow for a video chat. If you need to monitor work, but you don’t want to interrupt your employees, that is no issue at all. You can use the features mentioned in teamwork must-haves paragraph to view documents, and leave notes on them.

As you can see, Google has a number of benefits to using their platform. You have access to all of the features mentioned above for free. That means no added yearly cost! Your employees are spending less money on gas, you’re spending less money on the office light bill, and Google is helping you do it all for free!

Don’t worry about telecommuting- it isn’t a bad thing. Working from home can easily increase your business’ productivity as long as you know what services are available to you. Google can help your employees continue to collaborate and turn their work to you from the comfort of their homes!

You don’t have to feel vulnerable and confused in the age of technology. TEK Utah, your local Utah IT company, is here to answer all of your questions.