Utah IT Company

Numerous things can happen in a day—cybersecurity attacks, network outages, hardware failure, and failed data backups. IT incidents are very expensive. You have to consider downtime and what that costs your business. For some businesses, even a couple hours of downtime can cost them thousands in sales! This is exactly why you can’t rely on your brother’s nephew anymore. Your business is growing, and you need the right Utah IT company to keep your business moving forward. Your choice for a Utah IT company should have the capabilities to monitor your network security 24/7, assist with data backups, and help with project management. 

How to Choose the Right Utah IT Company


Experience is important when choosing the best Utah IT company

The best Utah IT company should be experienced. Check to see how long the business has been providing IT services and IT support to the area. Ideally, you should choose a Utah IT company that has at least a few years of experience. Do your research on the company’s owner. Do they have a background? Do they have positive reviews? Do they have long-lasting relationships with their clients? Do the IT technicians also have a positive internet presence? Do they have professional IT experience?  Take the time to speak with the owner. Do they speak in terms easily understandable? Are they professional and personal? You need to make sure that the Utah IT company you hire to keep your business running smoothly works with integrity and dedication.


Make sure the Utah IT company is actually local

The IT company may be based out of Utah, but you will want to make sure that their help desk or support team is actually located in Utah. Managing an IT infrastructure is much more effective when help is local. The IT team should be responsive, dedicated and professional. When you call with questions, the IT company should be patient, kind and understanding. Everyone should feel like a priority when calling for help. Ensuring that your Utah IT company has local technicians is important for when you need product installations, network and hardware setups, or troubleshooting. Locally operating IT companies is important for building long-lasting relationships and for having personal IT support. Also, make sure that the IT company has a strong social presence. Do they post often? Are people engaging with posts? Is value offered to the audience?


Look for Utah IT Companies that focus on learning and growth

Keeping up with the latest IT business solutions and software technologies to keep your business moving forward is essential when choosing the top Utah IT company. Is the IT company owner passionate about work from home must-haves, telecommuting, or efficient end-user support? Do they have a blog to help businesses increase business productivity and discover new IT business solutions? You should look for a Utah IT Company that is constantly looking for ways to improve processes, security, and hardware. Updating your IT infrastructure should be top priority, especially as you grow. Check to see if the IT company provides reports to keep you informed and able to make the best decisions possible for your company. As you grow, you want to make sure that the IT company can also grow with you. The Utah IT company you choose should also offer an Al-a-Carte option, so you are only paying for what you need. 


Regardless of the Utah IT company that you choose, it is important to do your research. Here at TEK Utah, we take pride in our professionalism. Why work with us? Well, we have over 13 years of experience, we treat all clients with the dedication, responsiveness, and support that they deserve. Our Utah IT company is successful when our clients are successful and keeping a business moving forward is our top priority. We offer various IT services and IT support including hourly-IT, managed IT, IT security, data backups, VPN and remote access, project management, end user support and more. Schedule your IT risk assessment today with TEK Utah, Utah’s Top IT company.