IT Security

With new data updates, many devices are offering cloud storage for passwords. Having your device store your passwords is incredibly convenient, but it begs the question- how secure is it? Is there something more you can do to keep your digital information secure? As a top Utah IT Company, TEK is bringing you the best information possible to keep your data secure. 

Keeping Your Digital Information Secure

Save away

As it turns out, encrypted security measures that are offered by big corporations like Apple to save your passwords are relatively safe. If you ever need to view those passwords there is a authentication process that requires you to enter your phone’s password or for you to use your facial identification. The downside to saving your passwords in that system is that they become out of sight and out of mind. 


Switch up Your Passwords

You need to be changing your passwords often! The common rule of thumb for changing passwords is every 90 days. Avoid any information that is common knowledge like family names or key dates.Those names and dates can be seen on your social media accounts easily, and it puts your accounts at risk. Instead, use a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters for your passwords. You should also avoid repeating passwords between accounts. What is worse than having one account compromised? Having multiple!


Play it safe

Want to protect your information even more? Avoid social media games that encourage you to post your location, children’s information, or any personal information. The games may seem like innocent fun, but they are being used by hackers to guess your passwords. You might be wondering how they can see your posts when your profile is locked down by privacy settings..You may think that your privacy settings are only showing your posts to your friends, but there are many loopholes. A post that you have set to private may still be viewed on the overview of your profile that strangers see, or your friend’s pages if they are tagged.


Apple Built-in Security Measures

If you are an Apple iphone user, you can now check the security of your password using your iphone. This availability may not be available on older versions of the iphones. Open your settings and scroll down to the tab that says passwords. When you open your passwords tap it will require facial recognition or for you to enter your password since this will allow you to view all of the passwords that are stored in the cloud. The second option in the passwords tab says security recommendations- clicking on that option will show you if any of your passwords were compromised. Compromised passwords will be at the top of the list under high priority. Medium priority will list out any repeated passwords or those that can easily be guessed. 


The age of technology is exciting, but there are a few steps to take so that you can protect what is yours. What changes are you going to be making to better secure your digital information? If you need any help with your IT security, feel free to get in contact with TEK Utah, Utah’s Top IT Company!