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With the continued teleworking efforts being made by many companies, now is a great time to figure out which method of communication would work best for your employees. What kind of budget do you have? How many people need to access the software? TEK Utah, a top Utah IT Company,  is here to help you keep your office in contact, no matter where they’re working from!

Keeping Your Office in Contact- Anywhere and Anytime



For those looking to communicate with their employees anywhere and anytime, Flock just might be your answer. Big corporations like McDonalds and Namecheap are using it! Flock has the capabilities of video calls, file sharing, instant messaging, and more. One key feature that Flock provides is the ability to set virtual reminders and to-do lists to keep your employees on task. Depending on the size of your company and general meeting attendance, Flock allows up to 20 users in a single video call. You can try it free with their 30-day trial offer to see if it is what you’re looking for.



A second subscription based service for keeping your office in contact is Blink. Similarly to Flock, Blink gives you the option for multiple chat features. Employees can take Blink with them on the go on their phones or tablets, as well as accessing the program from their computers. With a feed that looks similar to Facebook, Blink would be a good idea for companies that want to keep multiple branches in contact. You can easily share current corporate news with every branch at once! Try out their free demo to see if Blink is what your workspace needs. 



If you’re looking to give your business a simplified chat feature, then Staffbase is right up your alley. Your employees don’t need a computer or email to access the Staffbase platform, making it the perfect application for businesses with employees of all kinds. Staffbase is a simple app that offers social walls and secure chat rooms. Staffbase ensures that your employees are receiving the group messages, no worries of complications due to different phone types. Get started with their free demo version!



Quit sending mass messages to employees that don’t need to see them! OurPeople lets you notify the right people without bombarding the whole team with messages. The OurPeople application also sends a text message to team members that are tagged, so they don’t have to spend countless hours checking the app to prevent missing a message. Less time wasted shuffling through messages that aren’t relevant, and more time spent achieving goals. Like every good company, OurPeople offers a free demo to let you see whether it fulfills your company’s needs. 


Google Workspace 

While Flock, Blink, Staffbase, OurPeople can be highly beneficial to some businesses, sometimes all you may need is Google Workspace. Google workspace offers a variety of free options such as mail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Hangouts, and Keep. Google Hangout is especially useful for virtual meeting solutions. Google Keep is an easy way to take advantage of cloud based note taking. Google Keep also allows you to save images, check items off of to-do lists, share, and collaborate with other team members. Be sure to read our previous article about how Google Services Can Increase Your Business’ Productivity. 


Which option do you think is best for you to keep your employees engaging and communicating? As always, we hope the information we provide here at TEK Utah is valuable to you and your business. If you have any computer issues, or questions about our IT services, please don’t hesitate to contact the best Utah IT Company!