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Whether you’re looking to replace outdated and broken equipment or to buy computers for the first time, it can be hard to decide what is best for your business. When you’re searching for the right computers for your small business and buying in bulk it is important to do your research. Computers can be an expensive investment- is Mac or Windows better from your business?


Mac vs Windows Equipment


Comparing Apple and Windows Technology

Mac and Windows both have their benefits, but knowing which would be better for your business requires looking at the tasks you’ll be completing. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for common small business tasks to help you determine whether Windows or Apple equipment would be your smartest investment choice.


Workspace Connectivity

Apple has been a popular choice for personal use devices due to its application connectivity, but there are similar resources available for the business side of things. Macs have a business manager that allows for centralized control and connecting different devices. Similarly, Windows operating systems offer a unique control aspect that allow business owners to connect desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, Xbox Ones, and HoloLens. 

Unfortunately, we have seen a number of drawbacks to operating mixed Mac and Google / Windows equipment or using Mac alone. In our many years of IT experience, Mac systems within the work environment are coupled with increased cost factors in comparison to equipment longevity. We have also seen that Apple devices have a limited ability to connect to Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, Apple devices are a lot more difficult to get working with other computers on a network that are running Windows (which we recommend a windows cloud environment to our customers). 


Application Connectivity 

When it comes to small business needs, there are plenty of popular applications that work on both Macs and PCs. A few examples of well-known business applications are Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and InDesign. Another common software used within the business environment  is Microsoft Office. Excitedly, Microsoft can be used on universal devices – whether you opt for Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, or a mix. Additionally, we recommend using cloud-based applications and services offered by TEK Utah for premium workspace connectivity.  We use a virtual Windows environment in the cloud servicing that we offer. This is to set up virtual office space so that people can have access to a familiar operating system and applications, but be able to access it from anywhere. 


IT Equipment Market Trends

Mac has steadily risen in the IT equipment market trends from 2013- 2021, but Windows remains the dominant stockholder. Knowing which equipment is better depends on your specific small business needs. At TEK Utah we have assisted a number of business owners who run a mix of Microsoft Windows and Apple products, but we recommend Microsoft and Google environments to our clients. You know your equipment is in good hands as long as you use TEK Utah to keep your business up to date, secure, and running smoothly.