IT Security

Unfortunately, threats to technology and confidential data have become more commonplace. Cybersecurity may seem like a complex subject, but ultimately, it’s really all about people. Do you know what it takes to keep yourself safe online? You don’t need an in-depth knowledge of coding to know that October is cyber security awareness month and that it takes a constant effort to make intelligent decisions online. Your conscious efforts to steer clear of hackers are important whether on the job, at home, or at school.


October is Cyber Security Awareness Month


Cyber Security Awareness Month

The decision to make October Cybersecurity Awareness Month came to be in 2004 through combined efforts of the president and congress but has become increasingly more important in recent years. The fact is: we rely on internet-connected devices. If you aren’t careful, one cybersecurity breach can lead to a string of hacks. Do you know how a breach can negatively affect your life?


Data breaches can affect your personal life

The news often covers data breaches that take place within corporations, but individuals are also at risk. Have you thought about how a data breach could affect your personal life? Unsolicited calls and texts are annoying, but a hacker having your phone number is only the tip of the iceberg. Being the victim of a data breach doesn’t mean that your identity will automatically be stolen, but it does increase your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft. With access to a combination of your personal information, hackers are able to do things like racking up debt, opening unwanted accounts, spiraling your personal credit, and mimicking your identity. You read that right, a hacker can hinder your ability to do things like buying a home, opening a credit card, or purchasing a car. Unfortunately, missing payments on these types of loans put your credit score at risk, even if you didn’t know the debt was taken out in your name. 


Protecting Your Digital Assets

For starters, you can make yourself harder to hack by making the following efforts: update your software, think before you click, have good solid passwords or a password keeper, and enable multi-factor authentication. Strong passwords use 12 characters or more, use lowercase and capital letters, include numbers, and include a symbol. You also need to make sure you’re creating a different one for all your accounts and electronics. Password sharing is like giving hackers a master key to your digital life!


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