The data landscape has changed so drastically over the past five years. With our on-demand society, the technology revolution has fueled the need to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. But with that comes new challenges for improved accessibility and data protection. Whether a mom-and-pop business or a corporate enterprise, the business framework is likely supported by an office workspace, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. These valuable programs make companies work yet often offer a false sense of security. For example, an unintentional keystroke, accidentally (or maliciously) deleting a file, or forgetting to save your work could make all the difference when data recovery is needed. So what steps can you take to ensure your data is safe?

Let’s take a closer look at best practices to avoid data loss in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365:

1. Enable versioning: Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have versioning features that allow you to recover previous versions of documents if they are accidentally modified or deleted.

2. Train your employees on best data management practices: Ensure that everyone understands the importance of proper data management and how to handle sensitive data responsibly by training them on managing accidental deletions and storing and organizing data properly.

3. Implement user permissions and access controls: To ensure that only authorized employees can access sensitive data and prevent accidental deletions and unauthorized access to critical data.

4. Use a backup and recovery plan: Make sure you have a system in place for regularly backing up your important data. It can be as simple as using the built-in backup features of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace or a third-party backup solution.

Implementing these steps can help reduce your data loss vulnerabilities. However, they are not enough by themselves, and businesses must consider providing additional protection and prevention against data loss. Therefore, we recommend using a verified cloud backup service.

What is a cloud backup service? 

Backup services for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are essential tools for any business that relies on these cloud office platforms to store and manage data. They are designed to provide continuous protection for your cloud office environment. This means that your data, including emails, documents, and other files, is backed up regularly and stored in a secure, off-site location.

Do you need a backup for a cloud workspace service?

When it comes to data protection, it’s essential to take a comprehensive approach and consider all possible scenarios. While Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace recycle bin options may provide short-term data recovery, more is needed to protect your business’s data fully. It’s also essential to remember that these platforms operate under a Shared Responsibility Model, where the software provider ensures the software is functioning correctly. Still, the user is responsible for their data, highlighting the importance of controlling your data protection efforts.

Accidental deletions are a common issue, and it’s easy to lose essential data with a mistyped command or hasty click. And once it’s gone, recovering can be challenging (if not impossible). Additionally, when an employee leaves the company, their email account and other data may be deleted, which can cause problems for the business if that data is essential for operations.

To protect against such scenarios, it’s vital to consider a backup service for the cloud workspace as an additional layer of protection for your business. The backup service creates multiple copies of your data and stores them in different locations, ensuring that you can quickly restore these in an emergency. Beyond data protection, there are several other benefits of using a backup service for the cloud workspace, such as getting back to work faster with minimal downtime by having a high restoration speed.

Why not take advantage of the benefits of a backup cloud service?

Our Microsoft 365 and Google workspace backup cloud service provides continuous protection of your office platform against accidental deletions and safeguards your email even if an employee leaves your company.

Our backup service allows you to retain data for extended periods beyond the standard 30 days retention period offered by Microsoft and Google. Additionally, with threats getting more common such as hacking, phishing, and malware, you will have an extra layer of protection against them, ensuring all your data is backed up and the ability to restore your systems if an attack occurs.

Overall, you will get comprehensive solutions that ensure your business’s data is safe and secure, with minimal interruption and downtime to your business operations and quick recovery of your information.

Contact us today to learn more about our Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace backup cloud service and how it can benefit your company! We would be happy to answer any questions and help you determine the best solution for your business needs. Be sure to protect your business before it’s too late.