Digital Fortress
Digital Fortress
Enhance your business’s security with Digital Fortress Duo. Unbreakable defense, comprehensive audits, expert recommendations, and strong protection against cyber threats. Start today!



Introducing Digital Fortress Duo, your ultimate defense against cyber threats. Safeguard your business with our comprehensive security solutions.

Features and Benefits:
1. Internal Network Security Audit: Uncover vulnerabilities, analyze your network, and receive recommendations for enhanced security.
2. External Internet and Firewall Penetration Test: Evaluate your internet-facing systems and firewall security to identify potential attack vectors.
3. Protect Data and Ensure Compliance: Safeguard your organization’s data, maintain regulatory compliance, and earn customer trust.
4. Strong Online Reputation: Defend your business from external cyber attacks and preserve your online reputation.
5. Detailed Reports and Consultation: Receive comprehensive reports delivered securely, followed by a post-scan meeting to discuss results and obtain recommendations.
Price: $650

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