Hourly IT

Also known as the Firefighter or break-fix support model is a form of IT support where companies wait for something to break before doing something about it. This is not the ideal support solution; however, our approach to hourly, break/fix IT services will bring you as close to preventative managed services as possible. When we come on-site to work on the issues that you are having, we keep our eyes open for other issues that could cause business down-time. We will bring up any issues that we find and let you decide if it is something that you would like us to take the time to address.

Although we believe that Managed IT services provides the best possible service for our clients, we understand that there are companies that may still want to use an hourly, break/fix approach. We want to know that our clients are being taken care of, so we still offer this IT solution to those who like our services but are not ready to move to managed IT services yet. Most of the services we offer under our managed services agreements, can work under an Al-a-Cart basis. There are some limitations. Call for details.