IT Security

Your business most likely took years to build. Your business probably took a lot of long hours and stressful times to be able to get it working the way it is. Did you know, it only takes a few minutes for a hacker, virus or other malicious attacker to destroy that? Security is not something that should be overlooked. TEK provides an in-depth security analysis of your business. We run both internal and external security and vulnerability scans where we look for ways that your business could be exploited. Our antivirus solution is state of the art and constantly updated and on the watch for threats that try to sneak in through email, websites or other vectors of attack.

Backups on/off site

Your data is your business’s most precious commodity. Why take chances with it? With our data backup solutions, you can rest assured that your data is secured.

Disaster recovery

Part of our data backup solution provides for disaster recovery. In the event of a disaster, we can get you back up and running in very little time. Having a great business continuity plan when there is a disaster will set your business apart from all your competitors.


TEK offers industry leading antivirus and malware protection as part of our managed IT services. Your company deserves the best protection possible in a day and age where crypto ware is running rampant and anyone with a computer can make their own viruses.

Security Scans

As part of our managed IT services or on an Al-a-cart basis, we can run a vulnerability and penetration security scan and assessment on your network to determine where your company may need to shore up its defenses. You’ve worked hard to build your business, don’t let some punk with an internet connection take that away from you.

Dark Web and Identity Monitoring

Security comprises many different services. Some of the others are:

  • Organized training and testing for your employees to help familiarize themselves with different forms of attack. Your employees should be part of your defenses. If they are not trained well, they can be your weakest link.
  • Dark Web Monitoring of your domain and critical email accounts allows us to track any possible password compromises that could be for sale on the dark web.