Managed IT

Managed IT, or as some call it, Managed Business Services, is a form of technology support that provides proactive processes to help prevent or mitigate issues that can cause down time. Computer down time is one of the worst enemies of any business. When users can’t access the data that is critical to their job function, productivity is lost; and in turn, money is lost. When properly implemented, managed IT services can decrease down time, proactively find ways to improve efficiency and shoulder the responsibility of supporting the end users. Our IT services help free up the executive’s time so they can perform their functions more efficiently.

IT Assets and Systems Tracking

Knowing what is connected to your network, how it’s being used and how best to utilize it to achieve your goals is critical for the success of any business. We take full advantage of the latest technologies to help you get a better picture of your IT infrastructure.

Health Monitoring

Like any machine, computers, servers and networking equipment will wear out and they will fail eventually. Don’t let these failures reduce your businesses efficiency. By having us proactively monitor and implement processes to mitigate these failures, we are able to keep your business up and running at a higher level of efficiency.

Regular Maintenance and updates

Through regular scans, checks and scheduled maintenance procedures, we keep your IT systems up to date with the latest security and vulnerability patches. With compliance standards becoming more stringent, it is critically important to stay on top of these updates. System updates help to prevent IT security breaches and damage to data.

Technology Planning

Doing things last minute is no way to run a business. When you have a clear plan for how to handle your technology and how it will grow with your business, you won’t be caught rushing to fix, update, or replace equipment and software. When things are planned well, things run smoother. We help our clients by sitting down with them to learn about their goals and what they are ultimately trying to achieve with their business. When we have established business objectives, we set to work helping them achieve those important goals.

Vendor management

As a business owner or office manager, you don’t have time to talk with 3rd party technology vendors. It takes you away from your job and reduces the overall efficiency of your business. Let us handle talking with your technology vendors. We speak geek.

Cloud Migration services

Migrating platforms? We can absolutely help with this. This can be a daunting task when dealing with changing platforms. Don’t spend your valuable time trying to figure it out, let us come in and help make the transition.

Project Management

Trying to manage and implement an IT related project can be a daunting and intimidating task when it is not your specialty. Sometimes trying to save a little money will cost you a lot of valuable time and resources when it could have been handled quicker and ultimately cheaper just by bringing in a professional. Our IT professionals have experience in planning, organizing, budgeting and successfully executing an organizations’ unique IT goals. Give us a call today.