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How to get the best bang for your buck when purchasing a computer

It’s back to school time! If you are considering buying a new computer for work, school, or home, this article is for you! Buying Computers

Technology has become an increasingly important part of students’ lives. According to a recent study, students who use technology in the classroom tend to perform better on exams. This is likely because technology allows for more interactive and engaging learning experiences. More and more students use technology to collaborate and work on projects. Using online platforms like Google Drive and Zoom makes it easier than ever for students to connect and share their work.

So, how do you find the right computer for your needs?

Buying a new computer can be overwhelming, with confusing terms and endless choices. But don’t worry! We’ve created a simple guide to help you find the perfect computer for your needs. And if you want to save money, we’ll also talk about the benefits of buying a refurbished computer.

The first step is to determine your needs. How will you use the computer? And what features are important to you?

Processing Power

Consider how powerful of a processor you will need. A processor is like the brain of a computer. You’ll need a powerful processor to edit videos or play the latest games. According to Consumer Reports, “any of today’s Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors can do well with basic daily tasks like web browsing and email.” Gaming requires a mid-range processor (the graphics card is the more important item). For video editing, you’ll want a mid to upper-range processor. And if you’re an extreme multi-tasker or dealing with massive databases and complex math and willing to fork out the big bucks, a high-end processor will run your programs seamlessly.


Storage is where your files, pictures, and games live. More storage means more room for your stuff. There are two types of storage: Solid -state drives (SSDs) and hard drives. Solid-state drives (SSDs) are the best option for speed, ruggedness, form factor, and noise. If price and capacity are your main concerns, a traditional hard drive is your best bet.

Graphics Capabilities

There are two types of graphic cards integrated and discrete. Integrated graphic cards are preinstalled on a motherboard and are perfect for standard tasks like surfing the internet, creating documents, or watching movies. If you’re branching out into gaming or video editing, a discrete graphics card is usually needed to speed up the image processing time. There are several brands to choose from that have varying options for different needs and price points. NVIDIA and AMD are two well-liked graphic card makers.

Selecting a Brand and Considering Your Budget

There are many computer makers Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Below is a quick overview of what you will find with each brand.

Apple: Fancy and easy to use, but can be more expensive.

Dell: Good and reasonably priced, with options for gamers and workers.

HP: Known for reliable computers that won’t break the bank.

Lenovo: High quality and reliable, great for gaming and work.

Computers can cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Decide how much you want to spend and look for options that fit your budget.

Have you considered a Refurbished Computer?

Refurbished computers have been fixed and made to look and work like new. The benefits of choosing a refurbished computer are:

Money Savings: They often cost less than new computers.

Good as New: Experts have restored the product to a like-new condition.

Eco-Friendly: Buying refurbished helps reduce waste.

Finding the right computer is easier than you think when you take the time to consider your needs. Determine the primary use for the device and evaluate the different features. Ascertain your price range and find the best features for the lowest cost. Consider refurbished options. You will likely find better and more features at a lower price point. No matter what computer you land on, there’s a perfect computer for you.


When considering your next computer purchase, ask yourself these five questions.

  1. What’s most important in a computer? Processing power is vital, especially for heavy tasks.
  2. What’s the best storage? SSDs are fast but can be costly. Hard drives are less expensive and have greater capacity.
  3. Mac or PC? Macs integrate with other Apple products but have a higher price point. PCs are more versatile and offer more choices, with a variety of software and upgrade options. You can find a wide range of devices at different price points.
  4. Can I upgrade my computer? Some computers let you add more parts later.
  5. Laptop or desktop? Laptops are portable, while desktops are often more powerful.

Still, have questions? Want to know more about refurbished computers? Don’t hesitate to call TEK Utah. Our friendly team is here to help you find the perfect computer for your needs. Your new (or refurbished) computer is just a call away!