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When it comes to your business data it is best to be proactive. There are three key points to keep in mind that explain the importance of data backups for businesses as well as how they should be implemented. Is your business focused on the future and ensuring continued productivity?

The Importance of Data Backups in Business


Data Storage Solutions

Yes, there are still businesses that rely on a single computer to house their critical information. If that computer is lost or stolen, there goes everything their business relies on. Equally as bad are the businesses that think paper backups are the appropriate way to store vital information. What if your business experiences a fire or flood? The best data storage solution means that your data is easily retrievable but still secure. Cloud storage is an easily accessible solution for data storage that is offered by TEKUtah. Offsite data storage is best, but if you choose to keep a secondary copy of your backups onsite, make sure they’re in a fireproof safe.


Schedule Data Backups Often

The most successful business owners see the importance of regularly backing up their data. Unforeseen events like computer hijacking, natural disasters, or even a disgruntled employee deleting important information can be disastrous if you aren’t regularly backing up your data. Keep in mind that data backups are different from archiving. Archiving is the long-term storage of information that is not going to be commonly used anymore like old customer information, transaction history more than a year old, or completed projects. Data backups are for short-term storage of information that you regularly need to access. Nightly data backups are recommended to truly keep your data secure.


Data to Secure

If data backups are so important- what data should you be backing up? Anything that will affect your business if it were to suddenly become impossible to access. The majority of programs like Microsoft or Google can be reinstalled, and do not need to be secured nightly. Data like customer correspondence, policies, patents, accounting records, financial information, and transaction details should be secured in a secondary location on a regular basis. Whatever workloads your server is running need to be secured nightly.


Outsourcing Critical IT Backups

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of regularly backing up all of your critical information? TEK Utah can help you take care of all of your secure data backups. Store your important business information in a secure cloud that you can access from any of your computers and keep your business running smoothly – even in the event of a disaster. The importance of data backups for businesses is indescribable. Don’t wait until it’s too late to retrieve the workload that your business relies on.