IT Security

In today’s modern world, everyone is talking about security. With the infinite amount of cyber attacks in a day, it is important to take a proactive approach to maintaining your company’s security. Your business should avoid spending down-time picking up the pieces after a security breach, especially if the breach could have been prevented in the first place! Read through the questions below to see where you can take a more proactive approach to minimizing risk. TEK Utah, a top Utah IT Company, is here is make sure you are equipped for success.


IT Security questions you should be asking

  • Are you getting good, reliable data backups done on a timely basis?
  • Can you test your data backups?
  • When was the last successful data backup?
  • Are your users storing critical files and information on their workstations that are not being backed up?
  • Do you know how secure your servers and workstations are against viruses and crypto ware?
  • Is your antivirus up to date?
  • Do security patches and updates get run on a regular basis?
  • How secure is your computer network against intrusion and hacking?
  • When was the last time you had someone do a security check of your router and network?
  • Are your users educated on how they can keep your company safe?
  • How much time do you spend doing your own IT?
  • Do your users get the support they need? Or are they having to find workarounds to make things work?
  • How responsive are your current IT solutions?
  • Are problems getting taken care in a timely fashion?
  • Do you feel like your IT provider actually cares about the success of your business?


Take the proactive approach

By evaluating areas in which you can improve your security, your business stands a better chance of running smoothly. Even small businesses should be actively making sure backups are being performed, that they have an updated antivirus program running, and protocols in place for taking care of problems quickly. Hacks and data loss are not worth the risk! Your business took a lot of time to build and it is important to keep it moving forward. Security breaches can mean a loss of money, time, and even the trust of your employees and clients.


Get your team on board 

Your employees, whether you have 1 employee or 50 employees, can be your weakest link in your IT security. Employees need to know how to stay safe from email phishing and hacking. Imagine an employee getting an email from someone they think that they know. Inside this email is a link to information that looks relevant; and as it turns out, the email was actually from a scammer. After the link in the email was clicked, ransomware was installed on the computer, and you realize that you are not equipped to deal with such a situation. Does this scenario sound familiar or plausible? Unfortunately, this happens more often than we want to admit!


If you felt uneasy or unsure about the answers to any of these questions, reach out to our IT professionals at TEK Utah. With our data backup strategy in place, and modern antivirus software, we ensure the best possible chance of being able to prevent and recover from data losses or attacks. What’s even more important? We can help train your employees so that they become the strongest foundation that your business is built on. Don’t waste any more time. Get in touch today–our Utah IT Company will be happy to visit your location and train your employees on how to stay safe from data loss and cyber attacks.