Business Productivity

Are you looking to gauge the progress of each of your employees? Or maybe wanting to mandate deadlines for group projects? If you are, then your company is in need of a virtual agenda. Our Utah IT company is dedicated to serving you, so we have brought you some of the best virtual agenda options to boost your company’s efficiency.

Virtual Agendas to Boost Your Company’s Efficiency



For any business owners that are looking to save money on virtual agendas, Trello is a good option. They have a free version and a business version, but surprisingly offer a wide amount of access on the free version. You can assign tasks to your employees individually as well as implement group projects with due dates.



This application provides a very user-friendly platform. You can share documents as well as to-do lists. BeeKeeper also has a secure chat feature that you can take advantage of. As a bonus, BeeKeeper has a feed that looks similar to Facebook for you to communicate company news to all of your employees.



Projects flow with much more efficiency when it is clear who is in charge of which task. Asana gives your employees an easy-to-use virtual agenda to assign tasks, view due dates, and provide feedback. An added feature to Asana is the ability to integrate other applications that your team is already taking advantage of like Gmail, Microsoft Office, and Google Drive.


Google Calendar

Google Office makes our must-have list on a regular basis. The calendar available through your Google account allows you to color coordinate your events. Employees can have tabs for their work agenda as well as their private needs. For any team related events, you can tag fellow Gmail users in the calendar event. Tagging a user will post the event on their calendar as well. Managers can use the calendar to easily set upcoming events for groups of their employees through the shared calendar system. Google calendar can be accessed by free accounts as well as the Google Business Suite.


Virtual Organization Platforms

These virtual agendas are sure to help even your most unorganized employees. With the ability to take your calendar anywhere, your whole team will be on the same page. You can easily remind your employees of upcoming due dates as well as gauge each person’s involvement in projects. Your team could all be working from home, but you are still in organized control! In previous articles we talked about how you can keep your office in contact with each other. We recommend using virtual agendas in conjunction with software that is suitable for phone meetings and video chatting. We’re here to keep you up to date with all of the IT needs for your company.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what software is right for your business needs, then feel free to send us a message. Our team of IT professionals can help you decide which programs will fit your team’s size and budget.