Business Productivity

You might not have to worry about the morning traffic, but working from home has its own set of stressors. In order to pump out the same amount of work that you do when you’re in the office, there are a few work from home must-haves. TEK Utah, your go to Utah IT Company, is making those record-setting weekly achievements possible even in your work-from-home-order. 

Work from Home Must-Haves

Workspace Necessities

You don’t need a fancy in-home office in order to be productive. With that being said, you do need an area that is large enough to lay out all your paperwork and set your computer. For instance, your kitchen table or bar area can become your workspace. Steer clear of your bed when working from home. Not only does lying in bed during an office meeting look unprofessional but lounging around can make you less productive! 


Internet Connection Services

Reliable internet connection at home is usually used for streaming the latest sports event or for scouring social media. Your internet connection might be a little more boring these days, but it is just as important. Using a public Wi-Fi source might give you the internet connection you need, but it can be extremely dangerous. Public WI-FI servers can easily be hacked and bugged. Opt for a private WI-FI service like setting your phone as a hotspot or purchasing through an internet service provider. Private internet is a much safer choice!


Remote Access Technology

The most important work from home must-have is your remote access. At the very least, you need to be able to attend meetings, access the internet, and communicate with your coworkers. Remote access is a TEK specialty, so if you’re having trouble working from home, we can help. Are you wondering what remote access is? It combines the use of hardware and software to keep information connected between computers and devices. Think of it as being able to access the screen of your work desktop from your laptop at home! We can answer all of your remote access questions in a way that you will understand and be able to take advantage of. 


Ample Lighting

If you’re having trouble getting your work done even after setting up a workspace, connecting to private WI-FI, and establishing remote access to any documents you need, then your eyes may be suffering. Make sure that your workspace is well lit. Natural light is best, but if you can’t set up near any windows, then make sure you’re making up for it with artificial light. Don’t forget to use light blocking glass! They’re essential whether you’re working from home or in the office. Light blocking glasses help prevent headaches and eye strain that are caused by the light rays that are given off by your computer screen. Keeping your eyes refreshed will make you much less groggy during the workday. It is always recommended to take a break and go outside to give your eyes a computer screen break. 


If you’re experiencing any technological challenges with your new work from home normal, feel free to reach out! Our Utah IT company is located in the Salt Lake City area, but we can remotely help many clients from wherever they are located, depending on the circumstance. We look forward to helping you with all of your tech needs and setting up your work from home must-haves!